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Help for Addiction to the Internet and the Casino

At Stress Free Counseling, we see an alarming rise in the frequency of gaming and Internet addiction, as well as gambling addiction. We help patients in Westchester and Putnam Counties confront these compulsions.

Escaping Reality with the Internet

Computers, video games, and the Internet are all around us on a daily basis. As a person spends more and more time in this area, problems manifest themselves in other areas of their lives. The fact is that Internet addiction is an actual condition with symptoms often similar to other addictions. A computer addict often becomes less social and doesn’t care for others around them as they once did. The Internet or game has replaced friends and family as the source of a person’s emotional existence.

Hand Typing on a Laptop

School and home life become disrupted as the addiction takes hold. Not all people are addicted to games or a computer. It is only when there is an imbalance between life and addiction. Time away from the computer or games cause severe moodiness or withdrawal. With proper treatment and counseling, a person can be weaned off slowly from the problem areas.

The Thrill and Tragedy of Gambling Addiction

Don’t be a slave to the one-armed bandit! There are few problems as destructive to a family and an individual as a compulsive gambling addiction. All addictions involve some sort of escape from reality. Many gamblers get sucked into the vortex of thinking the next risk will be the one that puts everything right. As the gambler incurs heavy financial losses, they are overcome by mounting anxiety and depression, which accompanies high levels of guilt, shame, and remorse, leading to them taking yet more risks. Common sense does not apply in addictions, and the person is powerless to find a solution on their own as their life descends into more and more chaos. People with pathological gambling often feel ashamed and try to avoid letting others know of their problems.

Symptoms of a Gambling Problem

The American Psychiatric Association defines pathological gambling as consisting of five or more of the following symptoms. If you feel that you possess these symptoms, please give us a call for help.

  • Needing to Gamble Larger Amounts of Money to Feel Excitement
  • Restlessness and Irritability When Trying to Cut Back or Quit Gambling
  • Gambling to Escape Problems or Feelings of Sadness or Anxiety
  • Chasing Losses (Gambling Larger Amounts of Money to Try to Make Back Previous Losses)
  • Preoccupation with Gambling
  • Trying Unsuccessfully to Cut Back
  • Lying About the Amount of Time or Money Spent Gambling
  • Committing Crimes to Get Money to Gamble
  • Loss of Job, Significant Relationship, or Educational or Career Opportunity Due to Gambling
  • Needing to Borrow Money for Survival Due to Gambling Losses

Sports Betting Addiction and Treatment in Westchester and Putnam Counties

Call Chris Colasuonno, LCSW, MBA, CASAC – Addiction Expert for a Free Consultation

Are you addicted to sports betting? Like to gamble on a sporting event? Has your fantasy become a gambling and sports betting addiction? Many states have legalized sports betting as a revenue source. Legalized sports betting has increased the many issues with problem gambling. Many people think that problem gamblers only go to casinos or race tracks. As the trend continues for increased legalized sports betting, individuals are seeking treatment for addictive gambling and sports betting.

Horse Racing

Fantasy sports can be a fun hobby, but the thrill of gambling turns into a nightmare of problems for some. Consider some of the warning signs below.

  • Can you stop betting?
  • Do you gamble with more than you can afford to lose?
  • Do you gamble to win back your money?
  • Are you escaping from something?
  • Are you using the money needed for bills?
  • Are your bets for higher amounts and more frequent?
  • Do you obsess overbetting?
  • Does gambling affect your family and friends?
  • Are you spending more time sports betting than with your family?
  • Do you hide your sports betting addiction?
  • Are you less responsible with sports betting addiction?
  • Do you have shame and guilt over your addiction?
  • Can you stop?
  • Do you call your sports bookie more than your family?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Gambling Addiction

There is hope for problem gambling and sports addiction. Cognitive behavioraltherapy is a proven technique to help problem gamblers and sports betting addicts. Chris Colasuonno, LCSW-R, MBA, CASAC, has treated numerous problem gamblers removing stigma and shame while offering coping skills to avoid sports betting, racetracks, casinos, lottery tickets, etc. Call for a free consultation.

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