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Finding Ways to Heal Old Relationships

Many people over the years have lost or drifted apart from relationships and friendships that were important to us. For many, there was closeness, and now a major distance exists. While one can point to a particular event in the relationship as the reason to drift apart, other situational factors help break up that relationship or friendship. Stress Free Counseling is here to help you resolve these issues and reconnect with loved ones through relationship counseling for clients in the Westchester County area.

Restoring the Relationship

Some people don’t even know what caused the distance anymore, but they want that loved one or friend back in their lives. Generally, all it takes is one small event to put a crack in the relationship wall and bring down the foundation. You need to ask yourself whether the argument or situation was worth losing the relationship or friendship. Relationship and couples counseling can help.

Friends Smiling

Only Connect

Our goal is to help you connect again. Many people don’t know how to reconnect, so they turn to a counselor for help. Perhaps you need simple closure with an old relationship. Maybe you want to reach out to the other person but don’t know how;we can help. Our counseling services encompass many relationship skills, such as understanding, persistence, and advocating for you with the other person. We help with letter writing, phone conversations, counseling, and skills to help you reach out if you want to, acting as a mediator on your behalf if needed.

Building Bridges

We try and build a bridge for you to happy and healthy relationships and may even be able to flip your loved one back to you. We don’t offer any guarantee but can give you tools to look at things from your partner’s perspective. Understanding where they are coming from can sometimes heal the relationship. Remember that one event can be perceived by two people in totally different ways.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Did you bring your baggage into the situation?
  • Are you separated or estranged?
  • Do you want to reconnect with family or loved ones?
  • Are closing old wounds important to you?
  • Do you need understanding and support to reach out?
  • Are you afraid of their reaction when you reach out?
  • Did one small argument break the relationship?
  • Do you need help saying “I’m sorry”?
  • Is closure important to you?
  • Do you even remember what the argument was about?
  • Was it important to be right?

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