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Specializing in Relationship, Addictions, Mental Health, and Crisis
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Our Psychotherapist, Chris Colasuonno has assessed and treated thousands of clients who were in crisis and moved many of them to solutions. He has attended and completed numerous courses and trainings including – Gambling Problem, Heroin Epidemic, Suicide Prevention, Nar-Can Training, Crisis Management, Case Management, Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression, Trauma Care, Borderline Personality Disorder, Stress, Alcohol and Drug Addiction and Abuse, Motivational Interviewing, Domestic Violence, Trauma Related Services, and Stop DWI.

As you talk to him, hopefully you can see and hear his caring, compassion, understanding while providing a safe environment for you. Empathy is a big part of counseling and this should come across to you as the consumer of our services. We only want the best for you. If Chris is not the right counselor, he will refer you to a more suitable professional since here in Stress Free Counseling, we specialize in helping clients move to their goals. Not many counselors will do this. Instead they will try and keep you for the financial gain.

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Credible Psychotherapy and Counselling in Westchester County, NY

Having worked for a large scale behavioral health hospital for many years has allowed Chris Colasuonno to accrue thousands of hours in the mental health and substance abuse field doing individual, couples, and group psychotherapy. This has allowed us to work with a diverse type of clientele. Having trained and been supervised under renowned psychologists and psychiatrists have yielded the following credentials. Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R) and Credentialed Alcohol Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC). This is important because through supervision and training, clinicians hone the skills offering better counseling services to clients.

Perhaps one of the most important factors in judging a counselor or therapist’s quality is their ability to keep a client. As consumer of services, there are numerous choices for the client. Chris has provided psychological services to many clients, some mandated via the courts. While mandated clients usually follow the Judge’s instructions, self-referred clients have choices. As a clinician, we constantly assess “our product” of services, meaning that we constantly evaluate and hone our skills. For example, when conducting therapy groups with mandated and self-referred clients of all ages takes superior skills. An 18-year-old male can have difficulty relating to a 65 year old retired female. A high net worth wall street individual may not understand an inner city client facing many challenges. The skill set is making all individuals feel safe, respected and having the ability to relate to so many diverse populations. This has allowed us to retain a high percentage of clients for long periods of time, which is a sign of an experienced clinician with skills. Remember clients can “feel” empathy, caring, trust, and will open up if these are present. By also having patience and allowing the client go at their own pace will also build the therapeutic alliance.

Types of Cases Treated

Anxiety and Depression, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Individual, Couples, Group Therapy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Effective Marriage Counseling for Couples and Marital Therapy, Anger Management, Stress and Burnout, Grief Counseling, Trauma, Personality Disorders like Narcissist, Borderline Personality, Family Counseling, Adolescents, Anger Management, Mood Swings, Crisis Management, Gambling Problem, Legally Mandated Cases, and many more!

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White Collar, Blue Collar, Male, Female, Adolescent, Housewives, Police Officers, Wall Street Individuals, Single Parents, Court Mandated Clients, Self-Referred, Veterans, etc. Clients in immediate crisis, clients looking for a direction to go in. Having worked with many demographics helps understand clients and viewpoints.

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Our Clinical Philosophy

There are counselors who create codependency where decisions are deferred to the therapist. However, we believe in the empowerment model and aim to create independency instead of codependency. Certainly, the counselor is trained and can help aid in goal obtainment but empowerment is a powerful concept that we strive for. We do not string you along to make extra money from sessions. Our philosophy is client centered utilizing an empowerment model via cognitive behavior skills.

Keeping it simple. One important skill in therapy is communication. While counselors have training and skills articulating this information in a simple format is important. We go into detail in simple form of your HIPPA rights, limits of confidentiality, informed consent, risks/benefits of therapy, our clinical philosophy, and answering all questions that you have. The technical counseling language is explained to your satisfaction.

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